Zirrex – Ritual Dance: Expected new album

Worshippers of Zirrex creations have a great event — new awaited album “Ritual Dance”. Artist offers a journey into the world of psychedelic music, filled with new emotions and full of colors.

Album “Ritual Dance” gives a real joy plunging into a whole perpetual musical atmosphere.

“Ritual Dance” is an original psychedelic trance music in couple with freshness of the musical solutions, experiments with the different styles, saturated and diverse sounding and certainly the high professional level in combination with hard work. In new album Zirrex shows his multifaceted vision of music and unrestrained creative energy, offering a new and sometimes quite unexpected solutions. Pure and clear vocals combined with magnificent guitar performance, unusual mix of electronic and rock, romantic and beautiful, deep and brutal. Each track is filled with complete emotions, has its own unique story, which are revealed through the rich and diverse sound.

Album “Ritual Dance” is already on sale. The CD is available in all worldwide major stores. Also digital downloading of the album will be offered on iTunes, Juno Download, Amazon MP3 and other popular online music services.


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