Zirrex – Lost In Time: Special anniversary edition

special-anniversary-edition-zirrex-lost-in-timePsychedelic gourmets will surely appreciate anniversary reissue Goa-Trance album of the legendary Russian project and one of the pioneers of this trend in music — Zirrex.

Release of the updated “Lost In Time” album timed to the 10th anniversary of first press, which has become a classic of Psychedelic Goa-Trance. This album was firstly released in 1998 on audio cassettes, and in 2000 was released on 2xCD. The appearance Zirrex in 90’s was the most important event at the Russian Psychedelic Trance scene. A decade later becomes a top again. This project’s music is fascinate and inspire, gives a delight for its originality and melody, grants a lot of positive emotions.

Psychedelic Goa-Trance album “Lost In Time” comes in variety formats as: 3xCD and Compact Stick. This is a Psychedelic Trance with “old school” sounding such it was born in the 90’s and has spread around the world. This release includes tracks of the original album and a pleasant surprise is rare tracks created between 1998 and 2001 which were not included in the original release.

Anniversary album “Lost In Time” will be available in the most popular stores in your area. Also it can be downloaded digitally on iTunes.com, Beatport.com and other world popular online stores of digital music.



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