Voyager – First Plateau: Compilation that can not be overlooked

Hot shoot release of Goa-Trance scene — various artists compilation Voyager which gives a start of a very promising series.

It is a true delight for those who keep their minds tuned to top-quality Goa-Trance music. A burst of pure psychedelic energy, powerful and inspiring, has it’s own magnificent and exciting story, catching your breath by solid dancefloor line and by dreamy melodic tunes.

It’s a pleasure to say that each track is well placed to form a finished masterpiece. This compilation fills your hearts with true “old school” moods and brand new Goa-Trance wave made by most professional and modern artists.

Voyager is an invaluable gift for those who are devoted to Goa-Trance now and for many of its glorious years. It is a journey you are willing to take.

Now you can buy CD and Digital release in most popular stores around the world.

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