JBC Arkadii – White Tiger’s Empire: Brightest of the best

Musician and producer Arkadii Tronets presents a new album from JBC Arkadii project. The album immediately attracts attention and demonstrates composite musical world of this fascinating audio performance.
Brilliant, melodic, with strong character “White Tiger’s Empire” already thrill the hearts of Goa trance experts. The disc shows the result of great diligent work, which brought the project to a high level, and justifiably earned high praise listeners.

New exclusive formulation. Exhilarant, mighty, unreleased tracks created specifically for the album.
Each track has a special frequency specifications and individual panoramic sound. It is a sonic jungle woven of tasty waves, which evoke a storm of emotions. As usual in JBC Arkadii project’s superior tradition – clear and distinctive line melodies with resonating sound modifications that you want to listen at high volume!

Of course the album takes pride place among this spring bestsellers and will remain one of the most notable releases.

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