Inner Darkness: 15-th Album by project Chronos

For Chillout admirers Nikita and his music brothers prepared a special unusual album. It is a great, emotional collection of tracks from the project Chronos and remixes. Inner Darkness sounding is slightly different from the standard one. This album is rather experimental and deeply inspired by the Artists. Down-Dub, Etno-Electro, Dark-Step, Synth-Chill – it is possible to characterize this album as outshoots from standard templates. Nikita uses both electronic and live instruments so the work turned out to be a multicolor and volumetric.

This is a unique digital album, almost a one hundred minutes of clean sound subsequent tracks downloaded to the most popular streaming services and online stores. Listen to the demo on the official site, Shazam it and download in the usual services. Welcome it’s available now.

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