Format: Compact Disc
Style: Psy-Trance

Cat. #: HDRCD02
Bar. #: 4612748800024

Zirrex – Ritual Dance

New long expected album filled with fresh musical ideas, experiments with many different styles and unquestionable professionalism with painstaking and responsible attitude to work in the studio and to the quality of the material. You will have a trip to the world of Zirrex, in which he demonstrates his multi-faceted vision of music and unbridled creative energy, performed to the highest level of sounding. The album tells its unique story with a rich, high-quality and diverse sound.

The origin of this music is strong dancefloor oriented 120-145 bpm psy-trance with developing uplifting tunes and stylish progressive tones. It is а unique and special work from best Russian Trance scene resident. His music is rich, full of complex feelings and colors – true delight for an experienced listener and a total blast on the dancefloor.

This new album appears to be more experimental than other ones as it consists of tribal elements, live rock guitar parts, vocals, inventive percussions and sonic manipulations. It is a dancefloor killer with strong kicking grooves and developing sounds. “Ritual Dance” is а total musical surprise combined with original Psychedelic style.

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