Format: Compact Disc
Style: Goa-Trance

Cat. #: HDRCD06
Bar. #: 4612748800079

JBC Arkadii – White Tiger’s Empire

Fresh and brilliant work from JBC Arkadii project. Album consists of nine dynamic expressive goa trance tracks confirming the intensive ripeness of talent. It is a fully grown developed project masterly accented on note of the new wave in genre – a unique atmosphere of vibrating engine with heavy hypnotic loops, rhythmic sound of crisp, silk, oriental notes of mediation, ornamented with the spells of the melody. All this creates a complex patterned electroacoustic picture. This music awakens the imagination, creating an atmosphere of sound weightlessness.

A clear pattern of lines and smooth passages fascinating with dynamism and high energy. Album comes from a pronounced style, masterfully created by JBC Arkadii. Amazing and delighting tracks definitely invite to get acquainted closer. The White Tiger’s Empire nature have own original character in sound space building and will give the golden line of the project.