Psychologist - Infinite Universe

Psychologist – Infinite Universe (DA)

Together with friends, Psychologist presents 5 new special excellent tracks combining deep affecting contemplation and powerful craving for the beyond. It is a forceful work consolidates a meticulous approach and messy clutter. The rich sound with deft snares combined with ethnic samples and digital...
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Sulima - Next Trip

Sulima – Next Trip (DA)

The new recital from the night sound leader arise to delight the praisers of synthetic cyber psy-trance. It is a macrocosm music from postindustrial dystopia, filled with epic and dramatic feelings. Strong dialogue of artist and listener about inner and outer space and everything...
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Various – Motion Tribe

Various – Motion Tribe (CD)

Prominent artists with G-Light in a head produce the Motion Tribe compilation which can be boldly called a brilliant collaboration work. This is a tribute of sound masters with their exclusive tracks. Motion Tribe is a loud compilation with all genre attributes: rhythmic constructions,...

Chronos - Inner Darkness

Chronos – Inner Darkness (DA)

Fresh look on a downtempo style of Nikita Klimenko and friends. This unique publication, inspired and filled with all colors of Artist’s musical experiences, fantasies and demonstrating a new dimension of his creativity. The album comprised with exclusive remixes recorded especially for this release....

Mapadha - Somewhere On Earth

Mapadha – Somewhere On Earth (DA)

Arrival time for fresh music with new born project Mapadha. This is the beginning of a story where each new event will become more interesting and engrossing. Inspired by creative impulse Artist made a gentle soundwave along ethnic substrate pulsate in a sweet rhythmic...
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JBC Arkadii - White Tiger's Empire

JBC Arkadii – White Tiger’s Empire (CD)

Fresh and brilliant work from JBC Arkadii project. Album consists of nine dynamic expressive goa trance tracks confirming the intensive ripeness of talent. It is a fully grown developed project masterly accented on note of the new wave in genre – a unique atmosphere...

Various - Locomotion

Various – Locomotion (CD)

Extraordinary and inspiring chillout compilation combines 10 unique tracks by wellrespected projects. With high accuracy all tracks complement each other, it is an eccentric compilation with strong temper and verified style. The most interesting tracks in style of downbeat and ambient collected in monolithic...

Various - Voyager: Second Plateau

Various – Voyager: Second Plateau (CD)

Strongest premiere from Psy-Trance Stars is already here. Continuing the tradition, union of high level Artists have prepared succeeding great musical gift which will brings you to distant supersonic frontiers of psychedelic space. This is the second part of the collection of loud “Voyager”,...
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Zirrex - Ritual Dance

Zirrex – Ritual Dance (CD)

New long expected album filled with fresh musical ideas, experiments with many different styles and unquestionable professionalism with painstaking and responsible attitude to work in the studio and to the quality of the material. You will have a trip to the world of Zirrex,...
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Various - Voyager: First Plateau

Various – Voyager: First Plateau (CD)

Convocation world masters of the space trance music come with a killers tracks of the highest performance level. Total immersion in a tremendous atmosphere of Goa-Trance. It is a consonant sequence of 10 exclusive powerful tracks. This is a compilation that permeated most vibrant intonations,...
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